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How Temporary Walls Can Save You on Rent

For anyone struggling to live in New York City, the challenges of paying the rent can take a big bite out of your paycheck. It’s little wonder that many residents share apartment space, but that comes at the cost of privacy. One solution that is becoming more popular is the use of pressurized walls NYC apartment building owners approve of using on their properties.

What are Temporary Walls?

Temporary or pressurized walls NYC apartment building owners approve are walls that divide larger rooms from floor to the ceiling without the use of nails, adhesives, or screws. It is the pressure applied from the temporary wall that keeps it in place without damaging the surrounding material. Once there is no more need for the wall, it can be taken down and not leave behind any evidence of its former presence.

Thanks to advances in technology, a temporary wall can be installed quickly and offers the same benefits as a permanent wall.

Benefits of Pressurized Walls NYC Residents Enjoy

Building codes in NYC require permanent wall added to existing apartment buildings that natural light be present in the newly created rooms. It’s one reason why many permanently added walls leave a gap near the ceiling to comply with the code, but that allows for all your activities inside the room to be heard clearly on the outside.

Temporary walls offer several advantages for both residents and building owners. The use of these walls has created mutual benefits that is making them more popular by the day.

Lower Rents: An extra room created by temporary walls NYC residents enjoy means better enticing someone to stay with you which in turn lowers the rent that you pay.

Greater Privacy: Because the walls go up to the ceiling, the noise is reduced the same as a permanent wall. This means greater privacy for people on both sides.

Creating Additional Space: This will benefit both residents and apartment building owners as a new room is created which can be rented out, used as an office, to store items, and many other uses as well.

Appeals to a Broader Demographic: The push for luxury living spaces has created fewer places for those on lower incomes to live. For property owners, creating additional rooms using temporary walls means tapping into a market that is desperate for inexpensive places to live. Plus, because the pressurized walls are temporary, they can be removed when needed.

Pressurized walls NYC residents and building owners are becoming more familiar with offer plenty of advantages with no downside. Even the price of installing a temporary wall is relatively inexpensive and often pays for itself within the first few months of renting out the new space. Plus, they do not cause any damage to the existing structure, so there is nothing to repair once they are removed.

So, if you are looking to expand the number of rentable spaces in your apartment building or if you are tired of not having any privacy when living with roommates, then getting a temporary wall installed may be the best solution.

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