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Temporary Walls NYC

For renters in New York City, finding affordable housing can be quite difficult. That is why temporary walls NYC renters love are available to provide an extra room to add an additional person without sacrificing privacy.

What are Temporary Walls?

It looks like a regular wall, but it is pressurized so that it attaches to the floor, ceiling, and surrounding walls. The pressure means that no nails or other attachments are used to secure the wall in place. The temporary walls can be built to fit any size room, they are made from strong, durable materials, and will hold up just like a permanent wall under most conditions.

This means that you can paint them, add decorations, and even include walls with windows, sliding pocket doors, French doors, closets, and shelves that are built in. You are limited to roughly 25 pounds on what you can hang on such walls, but otherwise they will fit seamlessly into a room. You can also choose from different designs that have openings at the top to allow in the air conditioning while still maintaining the privacy of the person inside.


There are numerous benefits to choosing temporary walls NYC apartments and condominiums accept to separate one room into two. Always check with the landlord before having the walls installed.

Add Roommate: By dividing a large room into two smaller rooms, you create a private room for a new roommate to live. This means that you can add someone who can help pay the rent while not having to sacrifice privacy.

Extra Room: If you have a loft or single, large room, you can divide it with a temporary wall to create a guest room. This is also a great solution for parents who want to remain close to their newborn by creating a nursery in their own bedroom. Of course, you can always make the room what you want, including for storage or a home office.

Commercial Uses: For business owners, creating a new room with a temporary wall means adding a new office, storage space, or work room. Plus, you can create a showroom, meeting area, or a room for whatever needs to be fulfilled. When you need to make a change, the wall can be removed if needed.

What makes temporary or pressurized walls so attractive for renters and business owners is the flexibility they provide. Such walls do not need to be straight across, they can be angled, or “L” shaped to section off a corner of the room. Plus, they can come with windows or openings at the top to take advantage of the heating and air conditioning system.

If you are looking to add a roommate without sacrificing privacy, then temporary walls NYC residents love may be the perfect solution. They can be quickly installed, work like a permanent wall, and leave no mark behind once they are removed. They offer an inexpensive solution when you need to add a room while acting just like a permanent wall.

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