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Seamless Finish – Pressurized Walls NYC

There is little doubt that pressurized walls NYC offer residents and business owners the perfect solution in terms of adding new rooms to residences and offices. While there are many upsides, if there is a downside it’s that standard pressurized walls have seams which make it obvious that it’s a temporary structure. However, if you go with a seamless finish no one outside of those in the residence or business may know that it is a pressurized wall.

What is a Seamless Finish?

When a pressurized wall is placed in a room, it uses internal pressure to press against the floor, ceiling, and permanent walls it touches to stay in place. This means that no fasteners or glue is used to support the wall, only the pressure from inside. While the wall itself is sturdy, the lack of attachments leaves behind a seam that is obvious.

A seamless finish means that extra work is performed to ensure that the wall is indistinguishable from the permanent walls that are in the room. A landlord may require that a seamless finish be applied, but there are good aesthetic reasons why you should consider this type of finish for a temporary wall.


First and foremost, the main advantage of having this type of finish is that it makes a pressurized wall look as if it is a natural part of the room. For those who value the aesthetic aspect of rooms, whether in a residence or a business, it can make a substantial difference in how you see the wall itself.

Lack of Distraction: The seam left behind with the normal installation of a pressurized wall is not glaring, but it is certainly noticeable. When trying to convince a person to become a roommate or a customer to make a purchase, the sight of a seam may be distracting. It may send the wrong signals in such a situation, which is why going seamless removes that possibility.

Easier Decoration: Although the seam itself is not that large, it may not allow you to do the type of painting or decorating you desire. At the very least, you will need to take the seam into account when making decorative changes to the room. In addition, depending on the color scheme, it may not be as desirable to use certain types of paint which may only highlight the seam.

Inexpensive: Adding this type of finish is not expensive and for most people well worth the extra money. It may also be required by the landlord as well. In any event, the extra paid for this type of finish means that it may pay for itself when kept as new roommates or customers are not distracted.

A seamless finish is the perfect way to ensure that the pressurized walls NYC residents and business owners love will not be distinguishable from permanent walls. The finish itself is that final step that provides an aesthetically pleasing quality that you will appreciate at long as the wall itself is present in your home, apartment, or business.

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