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Free Standing Walls NYC

Free standing walls allow for additional rooms to be created while still complying with strict building codes that prevent a complete temporary wall to be put into place. This type of free-standing structure works like a standard temporary wall, except it does not fully reach the top. Such a wall still provides the separation and privacy desired without violating building codes that are too strict for traditional temporary wall to be put into place.

What does Free Standing Mean?

A free standing wall can be used to create a temporary room, storage area, office, or nursery inside an existing room. Unlike pressurized walls that leave behind no mark, a free standing version does use some screws to secure the wall into place. Once removed, the marks are minimal and easy to cover. This means that they do not permanent harm to the building itself.

You can work with your installer who will inspect the room and lay out exactly where the wall will go. The installation process is quick and convenient, meaning a minimal amount of disruption that is most often completed in just a few hours. Once the wall is standing, you can have it painted or decorated so that it appears to have been a part of your residence or office all along.

This type of wall was designed specifically to abide by the new, stricter regulations on building codes that are being employed around the city. A wall like this has some definite advantages when you want the right combination of privacy, convenience, and affordability.


There are several benefits to choosing a free standing wall, especially if you are looking to save money when adding a much-needed extra room for your apartment or rental.

Convenience: Having the ability to set up a temporary wall quickly is convenient is so many different ways. If you need a room for another roommate, a nursery for your newborn, a storage area for your stuff, or whatever other reason you need an additional room, then a free standing wall is perfect.

Versatile: You can shape the wall the way you want to fit into an existing room. This means if you need a small room for a closet or a larger room to fit a bed, then you can rely on the versatility of this type of temporary wall to get the job done. All you need to do is work with the installer to ensure that you have the right parameters to get what you want.

Affordable: Free standing walls are affordable, easy to install, and will last a long time. Although they use a minimal amount of support, they are crafted from durable materials to last. This means that you will get your money’s worth and then some when investing in this type of wall.

If you are looking to add a new room to your home, apartment, or office, then free standing walls may be the right solution. They require relatively little preparation, can be installed quickly, and use a minimal amount of screws, so they leave virtually no mark when removed.

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