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Why You Need Pressurized Walls NYC!

Over the years, pressurized walls have always come in handy when it comes to dividing apartments. Whether it’s a family apartment or mere roommates, pressurized walls are a great option for room division without damage to the room itself. But then, NYC has improved its building codes, and there are now new rules to pressurized walls installation.

The building code for pressurized walls NYC installation has been tightened to ensure that they are never attached permanently to ceilings, floors or any surrounding walls. In as much as all new walls are subject to a permit obtained from the Department of Buildings, most homeowners have tended to avoid any form of wall permit in their space.

While some homeowners don’t like to have additional structures in your building, they also seek solutions that create a cost-effective plan. This is where pressurized walls come in handy – it creates more tenant space and lowered prices for the tenants.

Requirements for Pressurized Wall NYC Installation

While pressurized walls are a good option for homeowners and tenants, they don’t work in every space. There are basic requirements that must be observed before installing any pressurized wall. Here are some of them:

•    The room must measure 80 sqft or more

•    The room must have at least a window

•    The room doesn’t hinder exit routes

Do well to note that the management has little or no right to allow you to install a pressurized wall until you’re given a written order. As such, it’s advisable not to sign any lease unless it permits installation of walls. This should be written in the case of any misunderstanding.

Advantages of Pressurized Walls NYC

Several reasons make pressurized walls the go-to choice of many tenants and homeowners in NYC. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a room that allows you to construct a pressurized wall.

Privacy – One of the biggest advantages of pressurized walls is optimized privacy, as roommates you don’t share literally the same room. With your personal space available, you can enjoy your privacy while having your door shut. Apparently, what happens in the next room doesn’t disturb you.

Dampens Sound – Sound travels fast, but when there’s a barrier, its speed reduces and gets dampen in some cases. This entails that when you have a pressurized wall in place, any sounds that emanate from the other room gets dampened as it approaches the pressurized walls. Though these walls don’t eliminate noise completely, it makes it less noticeable.

Storage – some temporary walls also serve storage purposes. These walls are detachable and are perfect for virtually all types of apartment. If you have a plan of staying in an apartment for long, then you may want to get this type of temporary walls.

Price – Although temporary walls vary in prices due to different factors, an average temporary wall can go for $1,000. However, you have to spend some security deposit to ensure that you’ll keep the walls safe throughout the usage time in your space. However, you get such security deposit back when you return them all safely.

Seams or Seamless – Pressurized walls are of two primary versions; seam and seamless. If you have a strict budget, you may have to go for seams they are not just trendy in NYC but are cheaper. However, if you love aesthetics, then the seamless version is a better option. Seamless pressurized walls look more natural but require extra work to make them blend with existing ceiling and walls.

Purchase or Lease – Would you like to purchase walls outrightly? Or is it better to opt for lease? Most companies offer wall lease for as long as three years, while others sell and lease as well. When you check the cost of opting for leasing, you may want to buy off a wall one time. Purchase option serves better if you’re going to use the temporary wall for a long time.

French Doors – Instead of the standard doors, using a French door serves better in cases where natural light is important. However, adding French doors to such walls increases the price by $1000 or $2000 but worth it as they increase the appeal of your wall while letting natural light in.

There are basically three brands that build temporary walls in NYC, and if you must buy one, you need to check out these companies.

All Week Walls has been in the industry for over 15 years and flaunts a high level of experience. They don’t charge hidden fees and are known for their charity donations. Temporary Walls NYC is also a force to reckon in the wall industry in NYC, they offer fair pricing and top quality service. Likewise, Pressurized Walls NYC, located in Manhattan, serves the greater New York City area is known for temporary walls of various types.

What are you waiting for? Anytime you need a temporary wall in NYC; there are several options to choose from and set your space apart. Make your choice now and optimize your privacy while dampening sounds, all for a good price.

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