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Room Dividers NYC

For renters who are looking to address the high cost of renting an apartment in New York City, one of the most cost-effective means is to add a temporary room. Good quality room dividers NYC residents enjoy offer a practical solution to adding a roommate while still protecting their privacy. Around the city, you’ll find room dividers being used in apartments, homes, and even offices. They provide the privacy needed for a bedroom and the versatility of multiple uses.

What are Room Dividers?

The room dividers themselves are temporary walls that can be installed in most buildings with ease. This type of divider can be built to meet the required parameters while still being affordable. Plus, because they use pressure to stay in place as opposed to nails or screws, they do no damage to the surrounding floor, ceiling, or walls.
The dividers themselves stay in place as long as needed, providing the same type of privacy enjoyed by those living behind permanent walls while being removable when needed. Plus, they offer plenty of advantages for those looking to add a roommate and a private room for them. Once completed, they can be painted and decorated, so they fit in with the existing room as if it was built there in the first place.


The benefits start with the flexibility of room dividers NYC apartment owners trust for the high-quality materials used in their construction. This is just one of the several benefits that having room dividers offers.
25 Pounds of Decorations: You can add up to 25 pounds to the wall once it is put into place. This means that you can hang pictures, paint the wall, or even put some items up for storage purposes. The wall itself becomes a place for you to add items if you desire.
Cost-Effective: The issue that many apartment residents have is that while adding a roommate would help ease the overall cost of renting the space, most people want their own room. Room dividers offers a simple, cost-effective solution that provides the privacy needed while adding another person to pay the rent. This is perfect for those who are just starting out their careers in NYC, putting more people into an apartment without sacrificing quality.
No Marks Left Behind: Apartment owners are not interested in adding walls that damage their property, but a temporary room divider is different. Because it uses pressure to stand upright, there are no nails, screws, or other devices that leave behind holes or marks in the existing walls, ceiling, and floor once they are removed. This means that such walls can be added and removed several times and never leave behind any trace that they existed.
If you are looking to add a roommate, but are having issues with privacy, then room dividers NYC apartment owners enjoy may be the answer. They are simple, cost effective, and do not leave behind any mark once they are removed. This may be the answer you need when adding a new roommate to your apartment.

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