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Temporary Soundproofing Walls NYC

For those in New York City who are considering adding a roommate, one big concern is the lack of privacy that may result if there is not an available bedroom. Apartments in many parts of the Big Apple are small, making living together even more uncomfortable. However, there is a solution when you use temporary walls NYC residents love and include the soundproofing option.

When you consider all the noise that the city creates and combine that with what happens inside the room itself, then you can see why having this option is a valuable one. For many, it provides that additional layer of privacy that is so desired.

How Soundproofing Works

While most pressurized or temporary walls offer some dampening of sound, they are not as efficient compared to permanent walls. This is because the temporary walls are not directly attached to the floor, ceiling, and surrounding walls. Instead, pressure is used to keep the walls in place.

The result is that the pressurized wall does not fully absorb the sound, footfalls, and impacts compared to a permanent wall. The soundproofing option adds materials to the wall which will absorb the sound and make it more comfortable for those on either side.  This is all part of the construction process, so the materials will be included from the start.

You will not be able to tell that soundproofing has been added since the materials used will be inside the wall itself. This means that in all other respects, the wall will look and function the same as those without the soundproofing option.


For those who are thinking about adding temporary walls NYC, the soundproofing option offers benefits for those in certain situations;

For those who need the sleep, having the soundproofing option can be a godsend. The reduction of noise is considerable compared to a temporary wall that has no soundproofing option. Plus, it helps to muffle the footfalls and impacts that occur on the floor as well. This is a great option for new parents to provide additional privacy for their baby, so they do not awaken when sounds are made in the other room.

Overall, it is the additional privacy that makes this option a strong one to consider. Privacy is more than being not seen, it’s not being heard as well. That’s why so many choose to soundproof their pressurized walls, so they can live a more normal life without worrying about creating noise that might disturb others.

If you are considering temporary walls NYC residents and business owners across the city enjoy but are concerned about the lack of soundproofing. There is now an option to add that feature which makes living in a small apartment more comfortable. By adding to your order the soundproofing option, it will make each day in your small apartment easier to manage with less worry about the distraction of noise from the other side of the wall.

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