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T Shaped Pressurized Wall

For some people, adding one room is not good enough when two rooms are needed. Instead of investing in two separate pressurized walls, a T shaped pressurized wall is the perfect solution. This type of wall provides you with two rooms that are neatly divided by a pressurized wall and separated from the original room by another pressurized wall.

For home and business owners, having large, open rooms presents advantages and disadvantages. This is especially true if you have a need for more rooms, but the cost of adding permanent walls is beyond your budget. A temporary pressurized wall offers a less expensive solution that can be changed quickly when needed.

How It Is Set Up

This type of pressurized wall system is placed at one end of a room which is measured, so that it fits perfectly. Once the measurement has taken place, the wall is built to run across the room and another wall divides the new room into two separate spaces. If you were to look at this type of wall from above, it would form the letter “T” hence the name.

Apart from its shape, it is just like any other pressurized wall. Once put into place, both walls are pressurized which means that they come into full contact with the adjacent walls, floor, and ceiling so that it all stays in place. If anything, the T shaped pressurized wall has additional support so that you can paint and hang pictures or other light items just like a permanent wall.


There are good reasons why this type of wall may be perfect for your needs. This is especially true if you have room that is rectangular in shape and need two smaller rooms.

Affordable: Setting up two separate rooms in an area is an affordable solution to your needs. For business owners, this means setting up two small offices for a fraction of the cost compared to creating permanent walls. Plus, if your situation changes, you can always take down the pressurized walls without damaging the surrounding structure.

Convenient: Adding two bedrooms, offices, storage spaces, or more means you can add convenience to your lives. For business owners, it means providing private office space for two employees instead of one. For parents, you can create two separate rooms for your kids, guest bedrooms, storage spaces, home office, or any combination you want.

Durable: While pressurized walls are not directly fastened to the surrounding walls, floor, or ceiling, they are quite strong and will hold up to the common impacts that occur when accidentally struck. Because they are pressurized, you can paint them and even hang pictures, paintings, or other light materials for decoration, so they fit right in.

If you are looking to create two rooms instead of one, then a T shaped pressurized wall may be the right answer. It works just like a standard pressurized wall, takes up less area compared to two pressurized walls, and can be taken away without leaving behind any marks or scratches.

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