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L Shaped Pressurized Wall NYC

Not all temporary walls are installed straight across a room. In many instances, such as divide is either impractical or unwanted as the room itself may be too small or perhaps not shaped appropriately for a traditional temporary wall to be installed. This is where an L shaped pressurized wall may be the best choice.

What is an L Shaped Pressurized Wall?

You’ll find this type of divider used in many apartments, homes, and offices in New York City. The name of the divider comes from its shape. They are usually installed in the corners of rooms and come with a door. Instead of going straight across, the wall is fixed against the corner with the two adjoining walls, floor, and ceiling.
The room they create tends to be smaller compared to the rooms that use a straight or traditional temporary wall. However, the L shaped divider tends to be quite sturdy and useful, especially for those who need an extra bedroom, storage area, or office. The uses of this divider are numerous, and they are quite popular in apartments, offices, and homes where an inexpensive, temporary wall is needed.


There are several benefits that this type of wall delivers, starting with the fact that it is easy to install. Because it uses pressurization, the wall can be set up relatively quickly and will stay in place without the use of fasteners such as screws or nails. The quick set-up means minimal disruption to your day and the wall itself can be painted or decorated to fit perfectly into the room. Other advantages include the following;
Space: Because an L shaped pressurized wall is designed to fit into a corner, it takes up less space compared to a traditional straight pressurized wall. This means when you only want to divide up a small portion of a room, the L shaped design works better. The shape is perfect for storage, but it is large enough to fit a bed or desk if you want to make a home office.
Affordable: All things considered, the cost of an L shaped temporary wall is minimal compared to the potential gains made when adding a new roommate to your apartment, setting aside a private space for your home office, or even adding storage space that gets your items out of the way. In such cases, you will reap the rewards quickly when having this type of wall installed.
Fits Right In: Once you have the wall installed, you can paint and decorate it, so that the wall itself fits into the room seamlessly. You can make the wall look like it has been there all along and thanks to its ability to hold up to 25 pounds of material, you can also hang pictures or use it to carry some light items as well.
Overall, the L shaped pressurized wall offers many uses and can be taken down without leaving a mark behind. If you are looking to add a new room, this is the type that can provide what you need without taking up much space.

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