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Flex Walls NYC

For many residents of the Big Apple, flex walls NYC residents and business owners love offers the perfect solution when an additional room is needed. A flex wall, which is sometimes called a pressurized or temporary wall, allows for a room to be divided using a wall which can be added and removed leaving no damage behind.

Some apartment building owners will require that the room be a certain size before it can be divided, but the advantages that flex walls offer are considerable. This is especially for residents who are on a budget and need another roommate or business owners who need to create a new office, work room, or meeting area.

How Flex Walls Work

This is a temporary wall that on the surface looks just like a permanent wall. It is constructed of sturdy materials, can be painted and decorated, and some flex walls come with doors, windows, and even built in storage. What makes this type of wall different is that it can be pressurized from the inside.

Once built and put into place, the wall is pressurized which pushes out to connect with the floor, ceiling, and any other wall it touches. Once pressurized, the wall will remain in place until it is removed. Because no nails, glue, or other fasteners are used, the flex wall will not damage the surrounding walls, floor, or ceiling of the room it divides.

The Flex Wall NYC Solution

There are good reasons why flex walls make the perfect solution for those who need another room but cannot afford or are simply not allowed to create a permanent wall.

Adding a Roommate: With the high cost of living in New York City, adding one more person to help pay the rent may save the other roommates hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year. Adding a flex wall means that new roommate has the privacy they desire while paying less for rent compared to getting another apartment by themselves.

Dedicated Space: For those who want a guest room, more storage, or a nursery, then a flex wall may be the perfect solution. The walls themselves are strong, durable, and provide the privacy you need while being temporary, so they can be removed when you want.

For business owners, you can add a new office, meeting area, or showroom if you desire. Plus, if you need to make changes, the wall can be removed while not leaving any damage behind.

Affordable: A flex wall is an inexpensive option. This is especially true when adding a permanent wall may be unaffordable or simply not possible. Many landlords approve of flex walls as they provide a solution to their renters that does not damage their property.

If you are looking to add a new roommate to help pay the rent, need more storage space, a guest room, or for a business owner a new office, then flex walls NYC residents and business owners love is the perfect solution. They are inexpensive, versatile, and leave no damage behind once removed.

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