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Pressurized Walls NYC

With living spaces in New York City at a premium, many residents are hesitant to add new roommates because of the privacy that is sacrificed. However, pressurized walls NYC residents and business owners use to create new rooms offers a simple solution. Across the city, many apartments and businesses have pressurized walls installed to provide an extra room for all sorts of situations.

How Pressurized Walls Work

A pressurized wall is a temporary structure that can be placed in different size rooms. You can turn a one-bedroom into a two-bedroom by using this temporary type of wall which adds space for a new resident. The wall itself is made from strong, durable materials and can be installed relatively quickly. What makes pressurized walls so effective is that they use internal pressure to press against the floor, ceiling, and surround permanent walls to stay in place.

The result is that you have a temporary wall which is strong, sturdy, and acts like a permanent wall. When it is removed, it leaves no damage behind because no nails or fasteners were used. Only the internal pressure is used to keep the walls in place.

Why Choose Pressurized Walls NYC?

There are good reasons why this type of wall may be perfect for your needs. This is especially true if you want to add more privacy without doing any damage to the surrounding structure.

Inexpensive: There is nothing to match the cost-efficiency of this type of wall compared to installing a more permanent solution. They can be installed quickly, do no damage, and removed once their use is over all for a low, affordable price. For many residents, the cost savings is considerable and often the price is more than made up for by having an additional roommate paying the rent.

Versatile: While arguably the most common use for pressurized walls is adding a new bedroom or guest room, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. A new home office, storage area, showroom, and more, the possibilities are many. Plus, you can order them with windows, French doors, and other features to customize the wall to your needs.

No Damage: Arguably the most popular reason this type of wall is quite popular with landlords is that it does no damage to the floor, ceiling, or surrounding walls. Pressure alone is used, so no nails, glue, or fasteners are needed. Once removed, they leave no damage behind.

Keep in mind that pressurized walls look just like the permanent walls in your building. They can be painted and decorated, even have storage space built in if you so desire. Once they match the surrounding walls, guests may never know that they are temporary in nature.

If you are a resident looking for a new roommate who will want their own room. A business owner who needs to create a new office, showroom, or meeting room. Or, you simply want to create a new storage room or guest room for your home, then pressurized walls NYC residents and business owners love is the solution which is right for you.

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