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College Students Moving to Manhattan

It didn’t take long to realize that graduating from Duke University was only the beginning of my career. I was getting job opportunities in Manhattan and knew that moving there was going to be quite expensive. Fortunately, I had two friends in the same situation, and we decided to live together to lower expenses.  What I didn’t realize at the time was how pressurized walls NYC apartment dwellers use would change how we would live.

Finding a good apartment was proving to be difficult. There were several one and two-bedroom units that were affordably priced but didn’t provide much in the way of privacy. The three-bedroom units were proving to be too expensive. At first, we thought about adding to our numbers, but that would only make things even less private and comfortable, so we settled on an affordable two-bedroom apartment. 

Let me tell you, the first week was a nightmare. I stayed in the living room which only meant I was awakened by every noise that was made. The lack of privacy was pretty bad, and I didn’t know how much more I could take until my buddy discovered that our complex allowed for temporary or pressurized walls. I had to ask what they were and how they could help us live affordably in Manhattan. 

A pressurized wall is a temporary wall that can be placed in any room large enough to be divided. Our landlord recommended a company that had installed this type of wall before, so we looked at what they had to offer. We wound up choosing a wall that only had a door and no windows because we lived in a corner apartment. However, we could’ve chosen one that had a window and more storage space if we desired. 

The installation was quick and that night I got the first good sleep since we moved into the apartment. It didn’t eliminate all the noise, but it did cut it down enough so I could relax and go to sleep. The wall itself is really indistinguishable from the other walls. We had some friends over for a get-together and one of them commented on how lucky we were to find such an affordable three-bedroom apartment. 

Since the installation, we have not had one issue with the pressurized wall. It’s well constructed and I’m sure that it will last for as long as we need it. We even repainted it to match the new décor for our apartment. It’s also quite sturdy as I accidentally slipped and fell into the wall and it didn’t even budge. 

Today, one of my roommates has moved to his own apartment, so we decided to rent the room out to another person. This has allowed us to keep an affordable apartment in the middle of Manhattan. For anyone who is in my situation, then pressurized walls NYC products offers a solution. Whether you need to rent out the extra space, need more privacy, or just a place to put your storage, these walls work beautifully. 

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