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Types of Temporary Walls for Apartments, Pressurized Walls NYC

For those living in the NYC area, being able to divide up an apartment through the use of temporary walls has been a godsend. The walls themselves range in price from just under $1,000 to around $2,000 depending on the size and type. Plus, they turn a one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom apartment which means double the renters for what was one space. 

Over the years, temporary walls have proven to be a cost-effective solution for those who live in apartments and want to maintain their privacy. In addition, there are also walls that provide more storage space which may be of great concern, especially to those who share an apartment and have a limited amount of space available. 

Pressurized walls nyc types 

There are three basic types designed to fit the specific needs of renters or owners. Each type of wall offers certain advantages and features that should be considered before settling on a specific version. Remember to get approval from your landlord if you are not the owner of the residence before placing an order. 

Pressurized walls nyc, Arguably the most popular and the only type of temporary wall that touches the ceiling, pressurized walls look and function just like the real thing. It’s called pressurized because the wall itself is not directly attached to the floor, walls, or ceiling. Instead, it is pressurized so that it pushes against the surrounding structure. This keeps it in-place and provides the same function as a wall built into the property itself.

Once it’s use is no longer needed, they can be removed and will not leave behind any holes, marks, or scratches. While quite handy to use, in NYC getting a pressurized wall nyc is more difficult as many apartment buildings no longer qualify to have one.

Partial: With pressurized walls harder to get, partial walls have become the go-to product for roommates looking to keep their privacy. They are similar to pressurized walls in that they do not require nails or screws to hold in place. However, they do stop about one foot or 12” below the ceiling and often do not have a door, but a simple opening. A curtain can be used to close the empty space, but a door is not recommended. 

Bookshelf: There are several designs available for this type of wall which is designed primarily to create more storage space. The definition of a bookshelf walls is a structure that is designed with attached shelving to hold all sorts of items. This means that you can save space in your closet and other storage areas by having this type of wall put into place. 

There are companies in NYC that specialize in putting up all three types of pressurized walls nyc. Once you have consulted and received approval from your landlord, you can check out the various companies that provide this product. Keep in mind that pricing will be different, but the overall quality may be similar since all companies have to follow the same codes and regulations as set by the city.

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