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If you live or are visiting New York City, there are so many things that you can see and experience. While many will take in the Broadway shows, visit Central Park, or engage in the many nighttime activities the Big Apple offers, there are certain things you must see in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge is still a mecca of activity as many thousands cross it between Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can walk across the promenade, which is a boardwalk that is elevated above the highway and take in the incredible views of the city. It takes about 40 minutes to cross and you’ll meet many different people. Just don’t take any offers to buy the bridge.

Central Park

Stunning Central Park offers a place of respite from the urban noise that dominates the city. You can take in the park from the southern section which provides an excellent impression of just what it offers. The good news is that the park is so large that you can find a quiet place to picnic or just relax and take in the surrounding natural beauty.

Empire State Building

If there is a symbol to New York City, it is the marvelous Empire State Building which represents the ultimate in Art Deco design for skyscrapers. While many take in the stunning view from the 86th floor deck, you will want to venture up to the 102nd floor observatory where you can see even more of this incredible city.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to the incredible Metropolitan Museum of Art that offers more than 2 million works complied from 5,000 years of human history. The museum is so large that it will take more than a day to see it all, so you may want to visit the museum multiple times on each visit or if you live in NYC, going once a month may work well until you see it all.

Statue of Liberty

This representation of the hope millions of immigrants felt when arriving in America at the beginning of the 20th century still stands proud and is quite the sight to see. Taking the ferry from Battery Park lets you enjoy this wonder much as the immigrants did over a century ago. You can also visit all of Ellis Island after taking in the statue to see the many different galleries, photographs, and artifacts from the era.

Times Square

The most recognizable and frenetic part of NYC, Times Square still impresses with its large crowds surrounded by tall building that provide an overload of lights, displays, and broadcasts. You can find a host of network shows, unusual entertainment, and perhaps a naked cowboy that will make your visit to the square unforgettable. Of course, New Year’s Eve is the time to go if you want to get the full experience.

Of course, there are many other things you must see in NYC, but this is a good starting point to provide you with a glimpse of what the Big Apple has to offer.

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