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Pressurized Walls

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We provide pressurized walls installed in apartments and offices throughout all of New York City. Our temporary pressurized wall installation is unmatched by any of our competitors. Our employees are courteous, trustworthy and hard working. Not only do we install the best pressurized walls in NYC and surrounding areas, but our customer service is excellent. We have extended hours for your convenience. Get your free quote

Pressurized Wall

Utilizing pressure instead of screws, the floor to ceiling wall leaves no damage to the structure of the building.

Free Standing Walls

Built with a space between the top of the wall to the ceiling for buildings requiring a gap in walls.

With limited space and the cost of living continually increasing, temporary pressurized walls provide a great low cost solution. They allow you to carve out an extra room, turning a one bedroom into a 1 plus den / office or 2 bedroom.

Since our employees have considerable experience, walls are built quickly and efficiently. Baby’s room, an extra bedroom, a home office, a conference room, a student’s private space — we do it all.

Let us show you the benefit of our pressurized wall systems. Walls are made using only a tension system without causing any damage to the landlord’s or a homeowner’s property.

We can accommodate any shape size or ceiling height and offer windows, French doors and just about anything you can think of to make your new room perfect for living.

In addition to the many pressurized wall possibilities we also have a sliding glass door option. We offer the most competitive prices in NYC which includes installation as well as removal of the sliding doors. The doors are made with high end glass and quality materials. We give you the most finished and durable door.

By request we also offer sound proof walls. We also have the capability to install plasma TV’s on your pressurized wall. Also available, a seamless finish if you so desire.

When you want your wall removed we will gladly take it down with thirty days notice. If your building does not permit pressurized walls, or they have regulations on what they allow, we may be able to offer other alternatives.
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Customize rooms to your

desire L, T or custom shape walls
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Sound proofing

sliding doors nyc Services – Pressurized Walls icon3

Take down the wall at your

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Work weekends

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Walls built only using pressure:

no plaster screws or indentations are left when the wall is taken down
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Any size ceilings

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No charge for walkups


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