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What to Do on Memorial Day in NYC

The Memorial Day NYC events kick off a summer of exciting activities that run through Labor Day weekend. There is something special about spending Memorial Day in the Big Apple which is why it attracts so many tourists. From concerts to events to the beauty of the city itself as summer arrives, there are many things to do in NYC at this special time of the year.


The many year-round attractions in NYC only seem more special during Memorial Day weekend. The outdoor temperature is usually just right for the many sights to see in the city. Here are just a few places you’ll want to check out during your trip.

The four major attractions all offer great history and excellent views of how New Yorkers live every day. You might be able to catch a game at Yankee Stadium or take a tour when a game is not playing. You can also picnic in Central Park or at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and settle in for the afternoon before catching a show in the evening.

You can also take in one of the many art museums that feature several famous exhibitions and enjoy many other locations is you purchase a special Explorer Pass that may save up to 50% from the regular price of admission.

Cruises & Nature

One of the best ways to see NYC is from the water and there are several waterfront excursions you can take which will help you see what the city offers. Landmark Cruises for example takes in Battery Park, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, the USS Intrepid, and many more sites that will let you see what helps make NYC so special to so many people.

Once you have completed your cruise, check out the American Museum of Natural History which completes some of its famed exhibitions during the Memorial Day weekend events. With so many things to see, this is one of the great places to visit during this time of the year.


There are concerts virtually every day in NYC, but around the Memorial Day weekend the number intensifies because of the additional tourists in the area. For 2017, the Billy Joel concert at the MSG on the 25th of May will arguably be the most popular at the time and well worth seeing for residents and visitors alike.

You can also seek out concerts in the many smaller venues that NYC offers. By checking in advance, you may be able to catch a show from one of your favorite artists. Plus, the many clubs, restaurants, and bars in the city offer music acts well worth catching while enjoying a meal or a drink as you relax for the evening.

There is nothing like what Memorial Day NYC activities offer for the tourist looking to get the most out of their visit in one weekend. If you are looking to visit the Big Apple, then Memorial Day weekend is one of the best times of the year.

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