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Maximize Your Space: Room Dividers NYC & Temporary Soundproof Walls

If you’ve been looking to add an extra room to create space or privacy, we have a solution for you. Try room dividers in NYC or temporary soundproof walls.

We all understand how the cost of renting an apartment around the city can be quite expensive. And, that’s why most people prefer adding an extra roommate to share housing costs.

Dividing a room to serve different purposes requires having the best dividers you can rely upon. On top of that, you should keep in mind whether you need temporary or permanent dividers. We’d, however, advise that you consult with your landlord first.

Room Dividers NYC

What if you also need to divide your office into several rooms for work efficiency? You can use room dividers in NYC.

Room dividers are temporary walls that can be installed in your apartment, office, and home. You don’t need much effort to set them up.

Room dividers use pressure instead of nails and screws to stay in shape. As such, you can be sure that they will not damage your ceiling, floor, or surrounding walls.

Besides, you have the option to paint or decorate them to match the aesthetics of the existing room.

Why Choose Room Dividers in NYC

We could say they offer privacy, But the odds are that there is more to it than just common privacy. Here are some of the advantages of room dividers:

Temporary Soundproof Walls NYC

Cost-effectiveness – You obviously want to add a roommate to help ease the cost of renting the apartment. With room dividers, you can create separate rooms for each roommate. And, luckily, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket. Room dividers NYC are simple, affordable, and effective.

No damages – No apartment owner wants to add walls that end up damaging their property. Instead, you can choose to use a temporary room divider that uses pressure to stand upright. This is unlike the case when nails and screws are used.

Before you create that extra room, you need to consider one more thing — noise. Yes, privacy is key, but you can’t underestimate your peace of mind either.

Why should you be disturbed by the endless noise from the busy streets of the city? Furthermore, your roommate could be having a party on the side, and noise is inevitable.

Most pressurized or temporary walls provide some dampening of sound. But they can’t match the efficiency that comes with permanent walls. Why? Temporary walls are not attached directly to the floor, surrounding walls or ceiling as pressure is only used during setup.

That’s why you also need to consider temporary soundproof walls before dividing your room.

How Soundproofing Works

Pressurized walls don’t absorb noise or footfalls in full like a permanent wall. But with the soundproofing option, this problem is knocked off.

Temporary soundproof walls have materials that absorb the sound and make it comfortable for those on either side of the room.

It is pretty hard to tell if the soundproofing option has been added as the materials used are inside the wall itself.

Why Temporary Soundproof Walls

Whether you want to host parties or gatherings or just seek quiet office space, you can try temporary soundproof walls.

You might as well be a light or sensitive sleeper. And, reduction of noise is just what you need when you are taking that nap. Temporary walls have no soundproofing option.

Lastly, if you are a new parent, you might as well want to provide additional privacy to your newborn baby. The last thing you want is the sound coming from the other room, awakening your baby.

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