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We pride ourselves on being the only company that works weekends and provides excellent prices and services. Whether you’re a family, student or a young professional, living in New York can get expensive. Temporary pressurized walls can be a perfect solution to this problem.

A pressurized wall is a temporary fixture that is installed using a pressure system to divide a living space into two or more separate spaces.Unlike permanent walls, pressured walls do not require nails or screws to attach to floors, ceilings or existing walls, and do not cause any damage to the structure of the building, which is why buildings allow them.

Standard pressurized walls look amazing! Almost no one visiting your apartment will be able to tell the difference. With our new seamless wall installation, your pressurized walls can be fitted to look exactly the same as your existing walls.

We require at least 30 days notice before removal of your wall. To the extent your wall needs to be removed in a shorter time frame, we can usually accommodate your request, however a $850.00 charge will apply.

The walls will muffle sound to some degree, and will give you the privacy you are looking for. If you are looking for enhanced noise reduction, we strongly recommend sound insulation, which will diminish outside noise considerably.

Our experienced installers can accommodate any shape or size pressurized wall that you need. We can build walls to any ceiling height.

You can hang up to 30 lbs on our pressurized walls. Heavy items such as TVs can be mounted on our pressurized walls; however, this requires additional support and needs to be done by our expert installers.

The standard color of our pressurized walls are white. We can paint the pressurized wall at no additional charge if you provide our installers with the paint.

Give us a call! One of our account managers will be happy to get you started on the process of having your pressurized wall installed.

Removal fee is $850 up to one year of installation.  Must give 30 days advance notice for this pricing.


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