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If you live or are visiting New York City, there are so many things that you can see and experience. While many will take in the Broadway shows, visit Central Park, or engage in the many nighttime activities the Big Apple offers, there are certain things you must see in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most recognizable landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge is still a mecca of activity as many thousands cross it between Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can walk across the promenade, which is a boardwalk that is elevated above the highway and take in the incredible views of the city. It takes about 40 minutes to cross and you’ll meet many different people. Just don’t take any offers to buy the bridge.

Central Park

Stunning Central Park offers a place of respite from the urban noise that dominates the city. You can take in the park from the southern section which provides an excellent impression of just what it offers. The good news is that the park is so large that you can find a quiet place to picnic or just relax and take in the surrounding natural beauty.

Empire State Building

If there is a symbol to New York City, it is the marvelous Empire State Building which represents the ultimate in Art Deco design for skyscrapers. While many take in the stunning view from the 86th floor deck, you will want to venture up to the 102nd floor observatory where you can see even more of this incredible city.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to the incredible Metropolitan Museum of Art that offers more than 2 million works complied from 5,000 years of human history. The museum is so large that it will take more than a day to see it all, so you may want to visit the museum multiple times on each visit or if you live in NYC, going once a month may work well until you see it all.

Statue of Liberty

This representation of the hope millions of immigrants felt when arriving in America at the beginning of the 20th century still stands proud and is quite the sight to see. Taking the ferry from Battery Park lets you enjoy this wonder much as the immigrants did over a century ago. You can also visit all of Ellis Island after taking in the statue to see the many different galleries, photographs, and artifacts from the era.

Times Square

The most recognizable and frenetic part of NYC, Times Square still impresses with its large crowds surrounded by tall building that provide an overload of lights, displays, and broadcasts. You can find a host of network shows, unusual entertainment, and perhaps a naked cowboy that will make your visit to the square unforgettable. Of course, New Year’s Eve is the time to go if you want to get the full experience.

Of course, there are many other things you must see in NYC, but this is a good starting point to provide you with a glimpse of what the Big Apple has to offer.

While there are plenty of things to do in NYC, there are quite a few things just outside the city that make for a great weekend getaway. If you live in the Big Apple and are looking for a change that will refresh your spirits, here are five places close to NYC that make for a great weekend getaway.

Asbury Park, NJ

Since the 1950s, this has been one of the most active summer getaway locations. About 90 minutes from NYC, you can stay at the famous Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel for just over $100 a night while taking in all the sights. The community offers many events and gatherings geared towards the gay community and it has been a place of recreation, fun, and entertainment for many years.

Beacon, NY

The name may sound familiar as it is the location of Beacon Mountain which played an important role during the American Revolutionary War. However, the city of Beacon is well-known today for its indie spirit which has attracted many people to this growing community. Located about 90 minutes from NYC along the banks of the Hudson River, you can visit many diverse attractions from the galleries of art exhibitions to seeing the natural beauty of the region.

Bear Mountain, NY

Located about 75 minutes from NYC, Bear Mountain offers spectacular scenery that will refresh your mind, body, and spirit in getting away from the crowded city. You’ll find Bear Mountain on the west bank of the Hudson River where you can enjoy the many hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, fishing and water activities, and even visit the local zoo.

If you want to stay in the lap of luxury, the Bear Mountain Inn which is over a century old provides excellent guest rooms, a restaurant, and spa for ideal relaxation.

New Hope, PA

A little further away at nearly two hours average driving from NYC, this small, but vibrant indie community offers a laid-back approach that you will drink in from the moment you arrive. You can visit the many small, but interesting attractions and even take a bike ride down the Delaware Canal which will soothe the soul. New Hope is dedicated to preserving the environment which is why you’ll find hundreds of natural plant species dotting the meadows and woodlands of the surrounding area.

New Paltz, NY

Located just under two hours from NYC, New Paltz is a remarkable setting that features large, verdant trees, riverside bluffs, and many homes and buildings that are older than the United States. Founded by 17th century Huguenots who settled in this part of the country, you can tour the homes and buildings that date back to the latter days of the 1600s. You can also stay at the famous Mohonk Mountain House along Lake Mohonk which was the inspiration for Stephen King’s classic novel, “The Shining”.

While there are many things to do in NYC, you can find quite a few things outside the city that never sleeps for a weekend getaway that will stay in your memories.

What to Do on Memorial Day in NYC

The Memorial Day NYC events kick off a summer of exciting activities that run through Labor Day weekend. There is something special about spending Memorial Day in the Big Apple which is why it attracts so many tourists. From concerts to events to the beauty of the city itself as summer arrives, there are many things to do in NYC at this special time of the year.


The many year-round attractions in NYC only seem more special during Memorial Day weekend. The outdoor temperature is usually just right for the many sights to see in the city. Here are just a few places you’ll want to check out during your trip.

The four major attractions all offer great history and excellent views of how New Yorkers live every day. You might be able to catch a game at Yankee Stadium or take a tour when a game is not playing. You can also picnic in Central Park or at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and settle in for the afternoon before catching a show in the evening.

You can also take in one of the many art museums that feature several famous exhibitions and enjoy many other locations is you purchase a special Explorer Pass that may save up to 50% from the regular price of admission.

Cruises & Nature

One of the best ways to see NYC is from the water and there are several waterfront excursions you can take which will help you see what the city offers. Landmark Cruises for example takes in Battery Park, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, the USS Intrepid, and many more sites that will let you see what helps make NYC so special to so many people.

Once you have completed your cruise, check out the American Museum of Natural History which completes some of its famed exhibitions during the Memorial Day weekend events. With so many things to see, this is one of the great places to visit during this time of the year.


There are concerts virtually every day in NYC, but around the Memorial Day weekend the number intensifies because of the additional tourists in the area. For 2017, the Billy Joel concert at the MSG on the 25th of May will arguably be the most popular at the time and well worth seeing for residents and visitors alike.

You can also seek out concerts in the many smaller venues that NYC offers. By checking in advance, you may be able to catch a show from one of your favorite artists. Plus, the many clubs, restaurants, and bars in the city offer music acts well worth catching while enjoying a meal or a drink as you relax for the evening.

There is nothing like what Memorial Day NYC activities offer for the tourist looking to get the most out of their visit in one weekend. If you are looking to visit the Big Apple, then Memorial Day weekend is one of the best times of the year.

Close Neighborhoods to NYC

With an average commute time of 41 minutes, it does take some time to get to the midtown or downtown areas. This means choosing the right location to live in NYC takes a little research when it comes to your daily commute. Given just how large the city is, where you work will dictate where you should live if you want to keep the commute time down to a minimum.

Financial District

Red Hook, Brooklyn: You’ll have to catch a bus or train, but you can make it in 40 minutes. Red Hook is along the water and has become a fashionable place to live in the past few years.

St. George, Staten Island: This means traveling by ferry, but there’s plenty of restaurants and bars to have a meal or a quick drink on your way back from work. Most of what you find in St. George will be apartments, many of them newly constructed.

South Harlem: One of the growing areas of NYC, South Harlem has changed considerably over the past two decades, offering relatively moderately priced rentals and plenty of restaurants. Unfortunately, there are few no-frills rentals left in the area, so you are looking at an average of $2,800 for a two-bedroom, single bath per month.

Midtown East

Bushwick, Brooklyn: A creative scene with plenty of nightlife, this is one hip place to live. You can take the M or L-train depending on where you live. However, the price is a bit steep which comes with living in a hip neighborhood.

Pelham Parkway, Bronx: You’ll be near the Bronx Zoo, which is nice. But perhaps the best part is that the co-ops and rentals are rather cheap comparatively speaking. You can find a $125,000 single bedroom for sale or rent the same for $1,325 a month.

Ridgewood, Queens: The bad news is that you will have to switch trains from the M to 6, but that is still about 40 minutes for your commute. Another downside is that this is a popular place to live, so expect to pay a higher rent and find fewer good apartments.

Midtown West

Crown Heights, Brooklyn: The 2-train takes you to Midtown West, although you can switch to the 1-train. An older neighborhood, the prices are somewhat high, but still affordable thanks to the many brownstones in the area. With the rental for a two-bedroom, single bath around $2,300 on average, there are good selections here.

Inwood: You’ll take the A-train to work which takes roughly 40 minutes. The good news is that Inwood rental rates are lower than most other locations around the Big Apple. You can find a nice two-bedroom, single bath for about $2,350 on average.

Jackson Heights, Queens: Here, you take the 7-train to work and will enjoy the diverse, vibrant neighborhood during your stay. The rent is not bad and the price affordable for mid to upper middle income.

In addition to location, consider what each NYC neighborhood offers for you and your family before making your final selection.

Neighborhoods in New York City seem to come and go out of fashion quickly. A hip place to live yesterday is now forgotten as a new area of NYC becomes the new housing trend. Brooklyn, Queens, and other boroughs of the city have been bouncing between being the new hot neighborhoods to cold ones over the decades for many reasons.

For real estate developers, the quest for finding the hot neighborhoods that are just rising in demand has led to many developments which have struck gold or fallen flat. However, for those who are looking at finding the right housing in NYC, the key considerations should be the rent and location to transportation. In fact, those who have followed the expanding subway lines east of Manhattan have done well in the real estate market.

For Hot Neighborhoods in NYC

East Harlem: For those who prefer to stay closer, East Harlem which runs from 96th Street up to 140th that is east of Fifth Avenue is probably the place to go. The prices for homes are quite reasonable and its one of the few places in the city to find a good deal. There is some new luxury development, but it is the history and colorful neighborhood filled with cafés, restaurants, and excellent shopping that makes it a gem.

Flatbush, Brooklyn: This old neighborhood is seeing new life thanks to an influx of new residents taking advantage of the reasonable rental properties and new developments. Bounded by the Long Island Rail Road tracks to the south up to Parkside Avenue in the north, Flatbush is a well-established neighborhood that offers great shopping and plenty of other amenities.

Rockaways, Queens: Most people associate the Rockaways with surfing and hitting the beach, but thanks to the subway it’s less than an hour from Lower Manhattan which is bringing new life to this area. The beaches and more relaxed atmosphere has brought many young professionals and their families to this location. It helps that the new development is reasonably priced, especially the condos which are now rising in this neighborhood.

Sunset Park West, Brooklyn: The Sunset Park area in Brooklyn that runs along New York Harbor from Bay Ridge in the south up to Greenwood Heights is becoming a hotbed for new renting opportunities. The attractive prices combined with the pre-war buildings that have been refurbished have created a hip neighborhood full of coffee shops and café culture. The current redevelopment of the area along with reasonable rents is only bringing more people to this picturesque part of the city

It is true that these four neighborhoods will not stay in demand for long. The reasonable rates, excellent location, convenient transportation, and wealth of shopping, eating places, and entertainment will mean that many will flock to these areas in NYC. However, for every neighborhood in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and so forth that falls out of favor, there will be new ones that become hot because of lowering rent prices and an abundance of things to do.

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